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Step 3 – Advent calendar houses 9 to 12- Xmas by Quiltmania 2023

Step 3 – Advent calendar houses 9 to 12- Xmas by Quiltmania 2023

You’ve reached the halfway point of the project, soon you’ll have beautiful decorations for your festivities. Let’s get started on step 3!

Hello everyone,

It’s time for the second step of the Xmas by Quiltmania project! Today, we invite you to create houses 5 to 8 of the Advent calendar. You can decorate them as you wish to match your own representation of the holiday season!

Find in this article all the instructions and templates to continue your Christmas project. As a reminder, each week a part of the project will be revealed to allow you to decorate your house just in time for Christmas.


Find the instructions for the first and second steps on our blog! And to review the complete list of materials and the project presentation, click right here!


A glimpse of your progress…

Some of you have already made good progress on your little houses! Today, we invite you to discover the work of Martine Feougier and Limue Ydier on their Advent calendars. We can’t wait to see your finished calendar!

Let’s bring back elements from our past Christmases!

Each of our childhood memories holds a Santa Claus by the fireplace, a snowman whistling festive tunes, or even a cute reindeer pulling a sleigh. What if you could bring them back to life with your needle?

Robert, the snowman by Valérie Briot Schmidt et Quilt N wood – SV 45
“Anna Rose” for Shopgirl Quilts – SV 37
Sprite the elf by Jill Willmore – SV 29

With Simply Vintage  no. 45, you can create the exquisite “Robert, the Snowman” designed by Valérie Briot Schmidt and Quilt N Wood. 

Have you spotted the stunning Anna Rose quilt from Shopgirl Quilts but don’t know what to decorate it with? Carol Veillon in Simply Vintage no. 37 shows you how to make woolen trees and little reindeer.

What’s better than an elf to properly accompany our dear Santa Claus? With Simply Vintage issue no. 29, you will have all the guidance you need to create a life-size elf.

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