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Valerie Briot & The Bataville Quilt Camp

Valerie Briot & The Bataville Quilt Camp

Join Valérie Briot and her friends for a beautiful quilt project

A quilt camp to meet your friends and sew a superb quilt that really caught our eyes in the splendid book Urban Quilts by Suzuko Koseki… That’s THE project!

Urban Quilts Cover


The choice of place was obvious: Bataville! (Well I admit it is kind of my second home)… Center of the shoe making of the same name in the East of Moselle (France) since the 30s’ until 2000, the closing of the factory.


We only had to take all our material, fabrics (nem, vintage, etc.), food and drinks and here we hit the road and let’s the adventure begin…

In two days the top is ready. Now there is still the quilting of course. I found my “angel quilter” and I can’t wait to give her my work!

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