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Trapunto Master Class with Juud

Trapunto Master Class with Juud

I don’t know about you but I just love it to take classes. Just like I can hardly resist a good piece of chocolate I can not resist taking classes. It is way too much fun! To meet with quilters from nearby or from far away. To be able to see quilts, new technics, new notions, to hear what the other is up to, to hear of the choices they have made. To learn from their perfection and sometimes imperfection. To learn from their design. To realize that we do not differ! We’re all crazy for fabrics, we just use them differently. To feel the enthusiasm and love they have put into their quilts and the willingness to share; J’adore, I love it, ik houd ervan! What’s not to love?

On the practical side; I am also a firm believer that there is always something to learn. You can adopt new technics or put them aside because they don’t suite you. No harm done in learning and trying.

I learned the last couple of days.

I went to Friesland, one of the provinces in The Netherlands up North. There we submerged ourselves in a technic called Trapunto. Dutch Teacher; Ted Storm, voted Master Quilter by the National Quilt Association in Columbus Ohio back in 2006. She is kind, warm hearted, passionate, easy going, an excellent teacher and very skilled indeed. I had never done any stuffing of any kind before. Haven’t had the use for it, nor idea’s how to incorporate trapunto in any of the work I have done.



We all sat at our own tables and although quilting is all about socializing too, I liked it more than I could have imagined to be sitting all by myself. Exploring this new technic. 100% me time. It was cold and grey outside. It even rained, the place to be was INSIDE.

The world shrunk in seconds to the size of my table. It was just me, my needle, some thread, a bit of fabric and a pencil. I was, to be honest, clueless on what I was doing and WHY I was doing it. But Ted told me this was the way to go, so I did as I was told. It were truly baby steps. Uncertain, but with determination!



We worked on an easy shape, a heart. It got corded, using Organdy, cord and a huge needle. When I finally realized that my basting stitches were there to stay, I changed my patch needle for a quilting one, and I made certain that my ‘everlasting stitches’ became more even. Step one! I sort of knew what I was doing and why in that particular order.


The heart shape was just a small taste of ‘the real thing’. We started working on Ted’s wellknown Tulip! The necessary steps became more intricate, but we tackled that too. Before you know it, we were at the end of day one.
The fun thing is, I have had more classes with Ted Storm, and over and over again the subject has been her Tulips. On each subject you get taught (application 1, application 2, quilting) you see her technics and you truly believe you have “SEEN IT”. And time and again she surprises you with more technic than you have seen before.



Again, I stood in front of her tulips and again I saw things I just had not noticed before.
Magic! The more you understand patching/quilting, the more you see. In my imagination my personal quilt‐vail had lifted, much to my surprise, a bit more.



Three glorious days I sat in the back of the room learning, absorbing like a sponge her knowledge.


Dreaming of incorporating these lessons into my own quilts, more “Juud-Style”. (whatever that might be or look like!).
Three lovely days in which I sat, sat behind my desk, sat at the breakfast table, sat at lunch, sat at diner. To be honest I did not even walk a 100 meters each day! Awful!
So, the day after the workshop I walked a ‘klompenpad’, a wooden shoe path!



Lucky me not on any of these!


Sunday it was back to normal at Petra Prins Patchworkshop. Me teaching others!

Enjoy your week,

Remember; Better finished than perfect!



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  • lynn

    I feel you took me into the classroom with you. Amazing. More than a class, an introspection and illumination. Wow

    11/22/2018 at 8:31 am

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