#2 Quiltmania Summer Camp with Anneliese Johnson

#2 Quiltmania Summer Camp with Anneliese Johnson

Hello Quiltmania Campers!

I’m Anneliese, one half of the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Eye Candy Quilts. We like to design quilt patterns with a little bit of everything, like our Painted Ladies quilt from Simply Modern Issue No. 8. 

Painted Ladies is mostly piecing, but there is a smidge of appliqué. Why must there be appliqué you ask?

Well, I’m an appliqué fiend. I know it. I’m embrace it. I also know that there are quilters out there that aren’t. For them, appliqué remains ‘the A word’, and there’s very little that will change their minds.  Even the teeny touch of appliqué in our Painted Ladies pattern has them running. Fear not, appliqué-free-peeps! You too can have your houses on the hill; instead of using appliqué scallops and zig zags, you can use ready made decorative trims, no pins required.

Roxanne’s Glue Baste It is a product with which I’m already familiar and an avid user. If I do an appliqué quilt, Roxanne’s is what I used to baste my pieces before stitching.  A couple of weeks ago they introduced the new 2-way Applicator, and of course I needed one. 

It has a small hard plastic tip for precise applications.

This works really well for dots or thin lines, and would be what I generally need when doing regular appliqué.

And it has the wide, or what I think of as the scrubber, tip. The scrubber side has a softer silicone applicator with little teeth, kind of like some stain sticks for laundry.

On the packaging, the wide tip is described as useful for quilt-as-you-go projects, but I found it worked really well for my trim adventure. If I got a little too enthusiastic and squeezed out a bunch of glue, the scrubber helped control and move it so that it was a thin even layer.

I know that picture may look like a lot, but it was a thin layer and didn’t goop up. I also used it to dab on thicker trims when I thought a small dot just wouldn’t hold up.

When picking trims for my new Painted Ladies, I wanted to try a variety of shapes and textures. However, I made sure that I stuck with ones that didn’t have beading or sequins or any hard parts. I didn’t want to worry about breaking a needle as I stitched over them.

I used pom poms, net lace, heavier Venice lace, a woven trim, even an elasticated one. I’m pleased to report that nothing misbehaved and everything went smoothly! None of the trims shifted once they were glued to the houses or when the roofs were stitched on.  And unlike the appliqué trims in the original Painted Ladies, you don’t have to stitch around the bottom since the trims already have a finished edge. You can if you choose to, but nothing will unravel if you don’t. It definitely makes for a faster finish on your Painted Ladies.

If you don’t have a copy of Simply Moderne No. 8, you can still get the digital Painted Ladies pattern from us here:



And because I know you want to try out this new toy for yourself, I’m giving one away!

Check out @eyecandyquilts on Instagram for your chance to win and read Quiltmania post on Facebook as well here!

For more issues of Simply Moderne visit Quiltmania Inc website here! Select back issues are $9 only!!

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