#3 Quiltmania Summer Camp with Scott Hansen

#3 Quiltmania Summer Camp with Scott Hansen

Painted Forest started out as my attempt at creating some feather like shapes for a line of fabric. I felt like they looked more like trees than feathers, so I named my original quilt "Painted Forest".


But each tree was exactly the same size, and as I thought about making another quilt in a larger variety of prints (not just one line of prints to promote that line of fabric, but many lines and many prints), 

I came up with making two half trees in three styles giving me the potential for nine different trees. That is how Painted Forest was born. It has been my best selling pattern ever since. I have taught the pattern as a class to many people over the last 4 years. Every time that I teach this class, I am amazed at my students and their creativity. I have seen many, many forests done in Kaffe Fasset prints and batiks. I have seen Cat trees, candy trees, Halloween trees, a petrified forest (with leaves made of stone fabric), a Cinderella colored Winter forest, a plaid forest, and all sorts of other forests in between. The ideas are unlimited.


Over on my Instagram account you can watch a time lapse video of me making the far left tree in the photos.


Feel free to follow me on my Instagram feed  https://www.instagram.com/bluenickelstudios/

And my website www.bluenickelstudios.com


I have a Facebook studio page you can follow for now, but I am working on creating a Facebook Group Page, which I hope many people will join, and then we can have a virtual continual quilt retreat going on!!


The trees in the photos are all created from Prints from Free Spirit / Westminster. 
The  two "bare" trees are from Denyse Schmidt's Winter Walk line. The two trees on the left in the photo are created from Denyse's Washington Depot line and Anna Maria Horner's Floral Retrospective and Loominous lines. I love that big plain purple section with the stitching running through it.  I made these trees in with much richer background sections. I am looking forward to making a very different looking version of my Original Painted Forest, and I heartily encourage everyone to do the same. 

Want to learn more about Scott and to win a great PRIZE?

Follow him on Instagram and leave a comment HERE to have a chance to win!

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