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Quilt Along 2023 – ‘HOMETOWN’ by Diane Knott – Part 7

banner for the month of july with three houses and two trees

Quilt Along 2023 – ‘HOMETOWN’ by Diane Knott – Part 7

three houses, two trees , part seven Quilt Along
Quilt’s finished size: 150 x 150 cm (60” x 60”)

General Instructions:

The measurements given for cutting include seam allowances of 7 mm (1/4”), rounded to 15 mm (1/2”) for two seams. Make any necessary adjustments.
The measurements in the explanatory diagrams do not include seam allowances.
For the templates, add a seam allowance of 7 mm (1/4”) all around.

Cutting key:

: Square cut on one diagonal

For those preferring the traditional cutting method, note that you will find:

  • the templates on the pattern sheet (or at the end of the project); add seam allowances to them
  • the quantities in bold in the Cutting section of each step
three houses and two trees grey, part seven Quilt Along

Reminder of the necessary supplies for the project:­­

The fabrics are 110 cm (44”) wide.

  • Beige fabric, for the background:
    • 3.7 m (4yd)
  • Assortment of many coloured fabrics, for the front of the houses:
    • 1.2 m (11/3yd) total
  • Blue fabric, for the front of the castle:
    • 25 cm (1/4yd)
  • Assortment of many light-coloured fabrics, for doors and windows:
    • 30 cm (12”) total
  • Assortment of grey and brown fabrics, for roofs and tree trunks:
    • 70 cm (3/4yd)
  • Assortment of 6 or 7 different green fabrics, for trees:
    • 45 cm (1/2yd) total, including one measuring 10 cm (4”) for part 3
  • Orange fabric, for the pinwheels:
    • 25 cm (1/4yd)
  • Green fabric, for the zig-zagging borders:
    • 20 cm (8”)
  • Backing and batting: 160 x 160 cm (64” x 64”)

PART 7 – 3 I blocks and 2 J blocks

Cutting and assembling:

Diagram 19:

For each of the 3 I blocks, cut:

  • From one fabric from the coloured assortment:
    • 2 I1 rectangles measuring 4 x 5 cm (11/2” x 13/4”)
    • 1 I2 rectangle measuring 5 x 6.5 cm (13/4” x 21/2”)
    • 2 I3 rectangles measuring 5.5 x 8 cm (2” x 3”)
  • From one fabric from the light-coloured assortment:
    • 2 I1 rectangles measuring 4 x 5 cm (11/2” x 13/4”)
    • 1 I4 rectangle measuring 3.5 x 5.5 cm (11/2” x 2”)
  • From the beige fabric:
    • 1 I5 triangle and 1 I5’ triangle (reverse I5 template)
  • From one the grey fabrics:
    • 1 I6 piece

Sew twice a I1 coloured rectangle with a clear I1 rectangle. Sew these assemblies on each side of an I2 rectangle, to obtain a unity 1.
Sew an I3 rectangle on each side of an I4 rectangle to obtain a unity 2.
Sew an I5 triangle and an I5’ triangle on each side of an I6 piece.
Sew this assembly with units 1 and 2 to obtain an I block.
Repeat until you make 3 I blocks in total.

Diagram 20:

For each of the 2 J blocks J, cut:

  • From the beige fabric:
    • For those who work with inches:
      • 3 squares with 23/8 sides,  to obtain a total of 6 J1 triangles
    • For those who work in cms:
      • 3 J2 triangles and 3 J2’ triangles (reverse J2 template)
  • From one of the green-coloured fabrics:
    • 3 J3 triangles

For those who work with inches:
Sew 3 times a J1 triangle on each side of a J3 triangle.
For those who work in cms:
Sew 3 times a J2 triangle and a J2’ triangle on each side of a J3 triangle.
In each case, sew these assemblies together to obtain a J block.
Make 2 J blocks in total.

Diagram 21:

Sew the 3 I blocks and the 2 J blocks, while alternating them.
This 7th part should measure 13.5 x 61.5 cm (5” x 241/2”), with seam allowances.

Diane D. Knott

Diane Knott lives in Northern Georgia with her husband Chris and dog Rumi.
She is the author of SCRAP QUILT SECRETS and STRIP QUILT SECRETS and has recently designed a line of fabric for Blank Quilting.


Diane travels frequently, sharing her many quilts and love of patchwork with quilt guilds and workshop groups around the US.
Besides quilting, Diane loves travel, hiking in the local foothills, and cooking new recipes.
She is the mother of 3 adult children and enjoys frequent visits with them and family adventures.
In October of 2023 Diane and Chris are planning a beach wedding with their entire blended families!
Information about all of Diane’s work and teaching can be found on her website at

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