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November part of the Project-a-Long with Béa

project-a-long Béa november

November part of the Project-a-Long with Béa

A cute pumpkin sewing project to spice up your month!

Here we are: November already. Just a couple more months and 2022 will start. Time seems to fly, doesn’t it? We hope you managed to come over at the Pour l’Amour du Fil fair. If not, you might want to take a peak at our photo gallery. But if you did come, know we were as pleased as ever to see you again! Now, let’s take a little moment to rest after all this excitement and start this brand new project: embroidery cottons, fabric scraps and a pretty button are all waiting for you! And don’t hesitate to share your lovely creations on the Simply Vintage Facebook group and under the hashtag #QUILTMANIA2021!

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Hello everyone,

The forests are soon going to turn into shades of yellow, orange and brown and it will become absolutely marvelous to admire. We will take inspiration from it in the workshop. This unique color scheme shall probably be a part of our next project…

The days are slowly getting shorter. The countryside is bathed in mist all morning, giving it a mysterious look (we know: that joke was way too easy). We folded the deckchairs and stored them in our shed again, before bringing our umbrellas back out. We also gathered our pumpkins. I enjoy watching them just laying there, gleaming in the last rays of sunshine. I like their colors, their shape, their taste (especially in soup).

So today, because it’s November and All Saint’s Day wasn’t too long ago, let’s make a… Pumpkin!

Maybe it will turn into a magical carriage, or get picked up by a headless rider… Who knows!



This project measures 10 x 11 cm (4’’ x 4¼’’) and will be positioned above the month of October:

Project a Long Bea November 2021


  • 1 rectangle A of dark fabric: 7 x 10 cm (2¾’’ 4’’)
  • 1 rectangle of light fabric: 7 x 10 cm (2¾’’ 4’’) for piece B
  • 2 scraps of orange fabric for the pumpkin’s pieces (pieces C, C’, D, D’, E)
  • 1 scrap of green fabric for the pumpkin’s stalk F
  • 1 scrap of yellow fabric, double-sided with thermofoil for the star G
  • 3 small leaves cut out in a fabric double-sided with thermofoil
  • Embroidery cottons
  • 1 “Crow” button


1) As shown in the template (available right HERE), place the B piece in the middle of the A rectangle piece. Then, add each of the pumpkin’s parts in alphabetical order. End with part F.
2) Write “Autumn Treasure” (or whatever words you wish to add) by embroidering a black thread with backstitch. Featherstitch some green threads to imitate branches, holding the pumpkin up. Lightly fray the edges of rectangle A.
3) Add this project above October’s. Sew the G star with a French knot.
4) Fix the leaves (which you must cut out from a piece of textile) by backstitching more of the dark thread. Also embroider the wind swirls with backstitched dark thread.
5) All that is left is for you to add your little “Crow” wherever you like!

Project a Long Béa November 2021
Project a Long Béa November 2021

I await your creations on #quiltmania2021 and on social media!

Until next time,


About Béa

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

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