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Karen Styles

Karen Styles

Karen Styles is an Australian quilt designer who has been fabricating works of art with reproduction fabrics for the past 20 years. Karen loves stars, hexagons and medallion/frame quilts and is a Master at English Paper Piecing (EPP). Her book is a gourmet feast of these passions, including a sublime Sampler, where color, creativity, techniques and gorgeous fabrics abound.

Karen’s quilting journey began as a teenager when she learned the basics of EPP. The quilting bug didn’t gain hold until after the birth of her children when a dear friend convinced her to take some classes at a local Melbourne shop. And as the French say, voilà, she was hooked! Karen began reproducing quilts and eventually purchased the shop that sparked her quilting rebirth! Karen loves to find unique and uncommon works to reinterpret. She adores the precision required in assembling stars (a common motif in her quilts), as well as in circular forms and hexagons. Karen is a renowned, international teacher and her inspirational personality is as bright and warm as her quilts.

Follow Karen Styles @karenatsomerset or visit her Somerset Patchwork & Quilting.

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