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PART 1 of the 2022 Mystery Quilt – “Clementine” by Irene Blanck

PART 1 of the 2022 Mystery Quilt – “Clementine” by Irene Blanck

The first part of our 2022 Mystery Quilt Clementine by Irene Blanck is now available in our Quiltmania #147 magazine!

Throughout this year, follow Irene‘s step-by-step instructions to make her vibrant and colourful Mystery Quilt Clementine made with Art Gallery Fabrics and Wonderfil threads.

Without further ado, discover the video explaining the first part of your Mystery Quilt:

If you didn’t get your Quiltmania Magazine issue #147 yet, you may buy it right HERE.

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There is a mistake in your issue 147 of Quiltmania magazine regarding the part 1 of the Mystery Quilt.

You will find the erratum HERE.

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