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May Make-a-Long with Béa

May Make-a-Long with Béa

Your lucky card sewn with love!

Your spools are getting bigger and bigger and we love to discover your interpretations on the Simply Vintage facebook group and with the hashtag #QUILTMANIA2021! The May part of Béa’s sew-a-long is a lucky card with lovely embroidery to which you’ll add some nice lace.

Find the first four parts on our blog.

Hello everyone,

“Voici venir le joli mai
Qu’il est plaisant, qu’il est gai
Voici venir le joli mai.

Levez-vous, belles filles,
Nous vous apportons un bouquet
De roses et de muguets.
Voici venir le joli mai
Qu’il est plaisant, qu’il est gai
Voici venir le joli mai…”

“Here comes the beautiful May
How pleasant and flamboyant
Here comes the beautiful May.

Get up wonderful ladies,
We are bringing you a bouquet
Of roses and lily of the valley.
Here comes the beautiful May
How pleasant and flamboyant
Here comes the beautiful May…”

Lyrics from the french singer Jacques Douai that are dated but that bring joy in these difficult times…


For this beautiful month I prepared a lucky card with a vintage touch, which I will add to my year strip. This project measures 10 x 12 cm (4’’ x 4¾’’) including the lace, and will be placed above the April part:


  • Starched (if possible) flowery fabric: one rectangle of (4’’x 4¾’’), flowers will be more present on the top than on the bottom
  • A “portrait” image resized 4 x 6cm (1½’’x 2⅜’’), found on the internet and printed on a « Cotton jet ® » paper (thin fabric on a laminated A4 paper). You can obviously choose another pattern if you wish.
  • Diverse embroidery ribbon for the flowers of the flowery fabric
  • Shading green ribbon (7 mm (¼’’ ) width) for the lily of the valley’s leaves
  • Embroidery ribbon (4 mm (⅛’’) width): white and pale green for the lily of the valley’s bells
  • Cotton embroidery thread
  • Seed beads
  • Lace: 1.5 x 80 cm (⅜’’ x 31½’’)
  • Glue stick
  • Repositionable glue (505)
  • A piece of string for the knot
  • Optional: a mail stamp and a flame stamp


  1. On the front of the flowery rectangle, copy the oval of the portrait frame and help yourselves by downloading the templates (PDF) to place it.
  2. Hollow out the inside approximately 4 mm (⅛’’). Carefully notch this area.
  3. With the stick glue, fold down the oval allowance on the back of the flowery fabric by following the outline. Do the same for the rim with a 1 cm (⅜’’) allowance.
  4. Around the outside, tack and gather the laces.
  5. With the repositionnable glue, mist the back of the “portrait” rectangle and the flowery rectangle.
  6. Arrange these elements above the April part, the portrait inside the hollow oval. Appliqué the outside of the oval and of the flowery rectangle. Take off the tacking thread.
  7. Copy the big lines of the lily of the valley and the thin branches following the April ones.
  8. Make some broken rib stitches on the non-hollowed out part of the flowery rectangle.
  9. Embroider the flowers of this flowery rectangle with cotton or ribbon thread.
  10. Embroider the thin branches with feather stitches.
  11. Help yourselves with the video to make the large lily of the valley’s leaves with the embroider ribbon, its stem with crewel stitches, its bells with a white ribbon.
  12. Embroider a small yellow french knot on their heart.Glue the mail stamp and stamp the flame.
  13. Sew the pearls on the rim of the oval portrait.
  14. And finally, for me, I just fixed the pin cloth for my lover’s birthday!

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