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Houston 2018 by Judith

Houston 2018 by Judith

It was my very first time at Market and Festival. Market is for the professional and Festival for the visitors. All though I am now home for a couple of weeks, I am still overwhelmed by all the impressions. At Market I had to realize that I was there as ‘Petra Prins Patchworkshop’ and that it wasn’t about the personal shopping. I must admit, it is a thin line between shop-shopping and personal-shopping! A line that, I at least, crossed back and forth.


I do not even know where to start telling you my story, my experiences. If I could show you just one picture it would be this one:











Petra and myself at diner with our American Quilting Bee, Hearts in Hand, during festival. Two happy smiling faces, faces we had every day the whole day. It was that magical. Being on the road together again is always great fun. Sharing the experience another.

Even when it was hard work we were smiling. And hard work it sure was. The day before Market started for instance three large crates were waiting for us, no muscles there to unload, except our own!











Of course we managed.















It is also a time when we get to meet friends from all over the world. Time for a good glass wine, laughter, a good meal, and just spending time together! To listen to what the other is up to, or to just make new plans! And making plans is what we excel in!




















We even had some time to walk by all the lovely quilts that were on display. This was my personal favorite. To be able to piece together this striking face out of nothing but circles just blew me away. It is by Carol Morrissey, Texas, USA. It shows her granddaughter Kora at the Zoo. The circles have been hand dyed by Carol as well. Just stunning!


Juud from Petra Patchwork


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