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Enter to win BlockBase+ from Electric Quilt Company & Quiltmania Contest!

Enter to win BlockBase+ from Electric Quilt Company & Quiltmania Contest!


Barbara Brackman’s classic quilter’s resource, the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book, is brought to life on your computer with this re-release of the Electric Quilts Company’s top-selling BlockBase+ software. This stand-alone software (for Windows or Mac computers) lets you easily print rotary-cutting instructions, templates, foundation patterns, export image files, or export SVG files at any size for all 4,000+ pieced blocks from Encyclopedia. BlockBase+ is a block-printing powerhouse! Choose to print a picture of the block, templates, rotary cutting chart, or foundation pattern. Each printing style comes with customizable settings so your printout fits your needs. Enter the desired finished size and seam allowance, then print! You can also preview layouts: Choose a block to view in 7 pre-designed quilt layouts. The selected block will display in a simple click-through dialog so you can preview that block in different settings. You’ll be amazed by the secondary designs created when some of these blocks are repeated in a layout!

Participation couldn’t be simpler: just click on the button below and fill out the form!

2 winners will be selected at random




, and the giveaway will be open until July, 9th included.

Good luck!

You can read the giveaway rules HERE.

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