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Coventry Garden Sew-Along – Part 4

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

Coventry Garden Sew-Along – Part 4

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

Hopefully, you have all your Block A’s and B’s put together. Now we move on to Block C’s left. The Block C’s are a version of a 9 patch, which is a simple Block to put together. While, the 9 pieces are not the same size, I have a super fun trick to sewing them all together. I call it the “Flip and Stitch Method.”

I am going to show you 2 DIFFERENT WAYS to do this Method.

First, I chose 3 fabrics for the Piece I’s and 3 fabrics for the Piece J’s. (I actually only used 2 different fabrics for the J’s, but you could use 1, 2 or 3.)

Second, layout the 9 pieces for the Block. Normally you would sew them in rows, but I have a funner, easier way.

We are going to work in columns. Turn the pieces in the second column over and place them on the pieces in the first column. The fabrics will be right sides together.

Take these stacks and put them on top of each other starting at the bottom stack. This will put the top stack on top.

Take the third row, and stack the three pieces on top of each other with the top piece on top.

Starting with the PILE OF STACKS, you are going to CHAIN PIECE the 3 stacks. You want to sew through the first stack, then slip the second stack in butting it up to the first stack. Repeat with the third stack. NOW, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T CLIP ANY THREADS AND DON’T IRON ANY SEAMS! I know it goes against all the traditional rules of quilting, but trust me, it is an amazing method that is really fast and very accurate.

Gently open up the two rows. Be careful not to break the stitching. Sew the third row stack to the first two, starting at the top and following the same process. Again, don’t clip any threads. You will now have three rows sewn and all three rows will be connected together.







I also don’t iron any seams, but if you are a little nervous you can press the seams alternating direction on each row.

Now to sew the rows together. Flip the top row down on top of the second row. Because your stitching was so close, the seams will just line up and naturally interlock. The other great part — no pinning necessary. I don’t pin any of the seams together. Stitch the row together, then repeat with the third row.

This is what the 9 Patch Block looks like from the back before any of the seams are pressed.

NOW FOR THE REALLY COOL PART!! I didn’t sew one 9 Patch Block at a time, with this METHOD I sewed all 6 of them at the same time. First, line up all the blocks in 3 long columns. After that, follow the same directions to sew all the rows. Finally, I cut up the rows into three row sections. Each section is a 9 Patch Block. Again, follow the earlier directions.


Last Part for today, Sew one Piece L to each side of the 9 Patch Block.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

Next time we will put together our sections, sew the quilt together in columns and then sew the columns together. The last step will be adding the borders. If you are doing the Queen/King quilt, we will also add those borders then.

We will also talk about pieced, scrappy backings. Then the quilt is off to the Quilter. There is also one more extra for the binding.

If you have any questions as you are working on your pattern, just email me at

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