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Coventry Garden Sew-Along: Part 3

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

Coventry Garden Sew-Along: Part 3

This week we start sewing! Just a couple more steps before we hit the machine. Last time we chose our fabrics and divided them into sets. Here were my groups. The fabric on Top of each pile is my main fabric. If you have your pieces cut, it’s time to lay the blocks out.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

Here is a close up of one group with their Labeled Pieces and Templates.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen
Block A
Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen
Block B

Get all the blocks and color combinations laid out. You might notice the Center squares are missing. I wanted to see how the blocks would look. I then picked centers for all the combinations and added them.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

The background fabric pieces are also all cut and labeled. Grab the A and F blocks and set the rest to the side for now.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

To make the A and F Templates, you are going to cut the Blocks in half.

**HINT – I starch my blocks really well before cutting. It helps keep the bias cuts from stretching.** I line up the points on my cutting mat then use the ruler to make straight cuts. Using the Template, you can cut the corners. (There is an option not to cut the corners that I will show you in the next step.)

IT IS FINALLY TIME TO SEW. It seems like there has been a lot of prep work, but that works pays off when you are ready to sew.

I sew one block at a time, that is the easiest way for me to keep organized. I lay the block out and then head to the sewing machine.

Block A
Block B

As I mentioned, with the triangle templates, you can either use the template to cut the corners or leave the corners in tact.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

The Triangles with the cut off points line even with the sides of Template B. Keep the triangle on top. Pin in place.

If you don’t trim the points, CENTER Template B on top of the Triangle.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

I start with a little chain piecing with Templates A and B. I did three of them with the trimmed Template A and one with the pointed Template A. As you can see, depending on which way you choose, you will have the pieces facing a certain direction.

I you are using the pointed triangle , make sure and trim those little tails before you press the blocks.

Press the seams on the blocks towards the triangles.

** HINT: Trimming, Starching, Pressing, and Pinning are very important to the piecing process. Make sure and follow the specific instructions when it comes to these. It will make sewing easier and the blocks better.

After pressing, you may need to trim up the blocks.

More chain stitching with the Piece C’s. Press seams to the outside piece.

For the center row, you will sew a Piece D in between the two sets of C’s. Press the seams away from the Piece D.

I like to sew my blocks together in Rows. Let’s start with the Top and Bottom Rows. There are a couple of tricks to matching the seams.


To get those perfect seams, line up the two sections like the picture on the right. The seams should intersect at the 1/4” away from the edge mark. Pin this seam. Press seams towards the A/B piece.


All Three Rows are ready to put together.

The pressing you have done will help the Piece D seams interlock

Repeat the same steps to match up the A/B Pieces. Pin all the seam intersections. Stich the three Sections together. Press seams.

Congratulations! You have finished a Block A. Following the instructions, you will make 13 more Block A’s and 8 Block B’s.

In the next post, we will be making the plus blocks and laying the all the blocks out with the Background pieces.

Coventry Garden quilt by Marcea Owen

If you have any questions as you are working on your pattern, just email me at

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