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Carol’s Quilt

Carol’s Quilt

As promised, here is some news of my quilt. For those who missed our newsletters (what a shame!) you can still get back on track. You can download the pattern of the block (in real size) here, and then you’ll only have to transfer it on a square of Vlieseline Rasterquick (in cm) as I did, or, if you are even more clever, you can print it on a thin, non-woven support sheet that will go on your photocopier. I made do with what I had!


Note that the block is 20cm without seams. By adding the seam allowances all around (to make it 22cm), it will not go into the photocopier, hence why I transferred by hand on the Vlieseline!

For the assembly, it is very simple: You’ll need to group 4 blocks orienting the arrows on the outside, then sew the 3 stripes of the 3 big blocks to make the top.

For the edges, I made some tests but nothing I liked.


As I still had some red stripes from the blocks (2cm finished so 3.5cm with seams), I sewed them together then added them as a first edge on each side of the quilt. So we cut 2 stripes of 124 cm + 1,5cm so 125.5cm for the top and the bottom. Then, I found this beautiful fabric with big roses from Moda (from a long time ago) et voilà! The stripes are 10cm wide, so 11.5cm with seams. I finished them with a mitered edge.


Swedish Inspiration!

I didn’t create this block—it is actually inspired by an antique Swedish quilt that is easy and wonderful to make. I would like to make it one day with this version. This quilt dates from 1920 and was made by Matilda Halling. It is featured in the Asa Wettre “Gamla svenska lapptäcken” book published in 1933.

Have fun!


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  • DotD

    Thank you for the pattern for this interesting block! The original quilt is also shown in the 1995 English translation of Åsa Wettre’s book, Old Swedish Quilts.

    05/31/2021 at 2:33 pm

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