Barnsley Pattern by Petra Prins

Never before seen pattern: “Barnsley” by Petra Prins.

Quilt size: 169.5 x 169.5 cm – 66″ x 66″

16 pages / French AND English / Ref. : BBP
All the explanations and full size templates are provided.

ISBN 978-2-37082-053-2



Petra Prins 2nd latest pattern, Barnsley comes with a back story of sorts.

It was inspired by a panel from a cherished antique English quilt with a very faded center medallion, circa 1810, owned by Petra.  As Petra describes it, “the center panel was long, and the colors needed to be brighter and of course a border was necessary. Sometimes you see an antique quilt with a border that is not symmetric. The border has a bottom and a top side. I love those borders and so this is how it (Barnsley) came alive.”

More inspiration for Barnsley quilt come from an antique quilt from the pages of Jane Lury’s book, Meanderings of a Quilt collector. Petra’s detailed instructions guide you through the project as you create your special quilt.


Quilt size: 169.5 x 169.5 cm – 66″ x 66″

All patterns and explanations are included.


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