Promenade in a Dutch Castle

Promenade in a Dutch Castle


by Petra Prins & An Moonen.

224 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref. : PDC

16 projects



Continue the lovely promenade begun in the garden among Dutch quilts old and new, compiled for us by An Moonen and Petra Prins, this time in the beautiful Middachten castle. In this new book sixteen quilts, reproductions of vintage ones, are explained and photographed in an exceptional setting!

In this book, you will discover antique reproductions of Dutch “dekens” (literally, “blankets”). Each one is followed by a reproduction made with both Dutch Heritage fabrics and fabrics from other collections.

Besides, you will read an introduction by Petra Prins and An Moonen tells you the story of their heritage with the Dutch quilts at Middachten Castle.


Petra Prins & An Moonen Quilts projects in this book:


Caramel Fudge
Coleshill Quilt
China Blue Star
Sara Luberti
King Ernest
Osborne House
Star and Diamonds
Melon Patch
Groningen Nantes Connection
The Sloth
An’s Treasure
Antje’s Tiger
From Paris with Love
Little Middachten


There is also a technical chapter to help you with:

Bicoloured squares (by group of eight)
Bicoloured hourglasses (by groups of two)
Multi-coloured hourglasses (by groups of four)
English paper piecing of the hexagons for a six petals flower

Binding a quilt in the traditional Dutch way



224 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref. : PDC

16 projects


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