Button Box Quilts

by Vicki Hodge.

224 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref. : VH
20 projects (10 reversible quilts)

ISBN 978-2-37082-052-5



Quiltmania is proud to announce the publication of our first book dedicated to two-sided quilts – a rare find! Learn all about Vicki Hodge’s techniques, tips, and carefully outlined instructions and advice to create your own reversible quilts. 10 traditional scrap quilts yield 20 visually stunning projects.

An uncommon format for quilt making, Vicki ensures that any quilter can create these unique designs. Included with the detailed pattern instructions and photos, Vicki meticulously walks us through her entire creative process leaving no stone unturned. Harmonizing colors, motifs, scale, machine quilting, and fabric stashes…Vicki’s innovative teaching approach is a delight for any designer!