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Cover Reiko Kato book In love with Mother's Dreams

In Love with Mother’s Dreams

by Reiko Kato and her students

ISBN 978-2-37082-061-7

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Everybody loves hearts!

Over the course of an entire year, Reiko Kato worked on this theme with her students and the exquisite results have been compiled in our new book. Over 37 projects, all dedicated to the heart, await your creative hands. Quilts, wall hangings, and decor all provide the Japanese style of taupe quilting. This heart quilt book will be sure to inspire you for someone you love.

The book’s « pièce de résistance » is Reiko’s unbelievable quilt, so elaborate and brimming with details that an entire book could be dedicated to it.

From adorable decorative objects to mini panels…everything is “Kawaiï” (Japanese for cute). You can start small and work your way to Reiko’s quilt!