A Story of the Kokeshi

by Megumi Mizuno

304 pages / book in french and in english / Reference : HKK

17 projects, templates included

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Megumi Mizuno has been a student of Yoko Saito for more than 20 years. She loves the appliqué and the traditional Japanese universe, which she interprets with the famous little Japanese dolls, the Kokeshi and the Daruma.  The latter, Daruma, is an iconic figure representing a Buddhist monk, a symbol of luck and prosperity. Megumi showcases them here with small projects and one spectacular quilt.  Also included is a massive quilt, What You and the Animals Gave Me, made of blocks–inside each of the blocks is a small animal,  each unique and adorable.  Megumi’s quilt is not only precious, but most notable for the level of refinement of its details.


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