Bliss of a Quilt Digger

By Charles-Edouard de Broin

In this new book about collectors and their collection, Charles-Edouard de Broin takes us into his world and tells us how his own story led him to feed his passion for quilting and how, from simple amateur, he finally became a real collector.

Coffee table book

ISBN 978-2-37082-062-4



Find out how Charles-Edouard de Broin’s family history, education and travels lead him to become a quilt collector extraordinaire.

Nicknamed Little bit o’yarn by his siblings, Charles-Edouard’s exposure to patterns started at an early age with his parents who were gifted embroiders and upholsterers.  His fascination with colors and designs continued as an adult but as a geophysical engineer and geologist.  Charles-Edouard’s connection with patterns later became part of his everyday life as a quilt collector.

Bliss of a Quilter Digger is filled with more than 100 photos of resplendent pieces from his collection, in particular the Amish, Log Cabin and Crazy quiltswhich are his true passion.

234 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref.: MBQ