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Pieces of my Life

by Shizuko Kuroha. Shizuko is a Japanese authority who has dedicated the last thirty years to the research, study and transformation into quilts of antique Japanese fabrics, both precious and commonplace. After Indigo and Sarasa, we rediscover her here with the explanations for nearly fifteen of her most recent quilts and many sublime photos!   224 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref.: SK 17 projects

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Meet Shizuko Kuroha at the 2018 “Pour l’Amour du Fil” show in Nantes, France:

Meet Shizuko Kuroha at the 2018 "Pour l'Amour du Fil" show in Nantes, France: 7 years after the immense success of Shizuko’s first book, “Indigo & Sarasa”, Quiltmania is proud to announce the launch of her second book. In this exquisite book of meticulously crafted quilts, Shizuko opens the doors to her home and invites us to sit down to a feast of Japanese food and fabrics – her daily passions. Inside, 17 projects of varying difficulty await your hands. Luscious quilts, mini-quilt panels and ornate bags are presented here in an authentic Japanese setting, taking you on an aesthetic journey like no other. Born and raised in Japan, Shizuko Kuroha’s career as a quilter began during her 2-year stay in Maryland, USA. Only 4 days upon her arrival, she discovered an antique quilt in a boutique, fell in love, purchased the materials necessary to make one of her own and she has not stopped since. Shizuko’s passion for quilting, and particularly for Japanese indigo and sarasa fabrics, motivated her to open her own school in Japan upon her return. Shizuko teaches throughout Japan and has students that have been with her for over 30 years. An inspiration to students around the world, Shizuko’s secret lies in her diversity, perseverance and perpetual quest for improving her techniques. Her quilts, as well as those of her students, have been exhibited internationally. Shizuko is an undeniably renowned artist and quilt story-teller. Language: English & French Format: 21 x 26 cm Number of pages: 224 ISBN: 978-2-370820464

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