Acrylic Quilt Templates for the Mary Gibbs 1812 Quilt

The 7 acrylic templates for the Mary Gibbs 1812 pattern (original quilt from Christopher Wilson-Tate’s private collection).


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This complete set of acrylic quilt templates will make fussy cutting for making the Mary Gibbs 1812 quilt (original quilt from Christopher Wilson-Tate’s private collection) much easier! These templates are great for all kinds of piecing. Whether making your own paper pieces, piecing by machine, or hand piecing the quilt, these templates will come in handy for accurate points.

IMPORTANT: These templates should not be used for cutting with a rotary cutter.

The acrylic quilt templates include:

  • 3 triangles
  • 1 diamond
  • 2 squares
  • 1 honeycomb
  • 2 circles

Templates only, the complete Mary Gibbs 1812 pattern is available for purchase below.

Accredited to Mary Gibbs, the original quilt from Christopher Wilson-Tate’s collection has a central hexagonal panel in Chintz. This quilt showcases large scale Chintz style fabrics very well, while also being well suited to creating a quilt made of your favorite scraps.

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