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2020 Mystery Quilt by Sarah Maxwell – Part 6

2020 Mystery Quilt by Sarah Maxwell – Part 6

The 2020 Mystery Quilt adventure, designed by Sarah Maxwell, has begun in our Quiltmania n°135 magazine!

The finale part #6 has been revealed in our Quiltmania magazine #140, available here.

Below is the full Mystery Quilt Swivel by Sarah Maxwell accompanied by her video tutorial.

Classically inspired, revisited with originality, Sarah offers you throughout the year 2020 to make the Quilt Swivel with Marcus Fabrics.

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You will find below the picture of the final quilt and some helpful tips in the video.

Finale part of the Swivel Mystery Quilt by Sarah Maxwell

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It’s not too late to start our 2020 adventure! Visit our website HERE to purchase the previous Quiltmania issues.

Make sure that you won’t miss out on any parts of this exquisite Mystery Quilt by subscribing now.

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